SWIG module for Octave

SWIG is a powerful C/C++ wrapper generator that takes special interface files (in the simplest case, a C/C++ header) and produces extension modules for various target languages.

The SWIG/Octave project adds Octave support to SWIG, enabling it to generate oct-file extensions.



4/7/08: Officially released with SWIG 1.3.35. See www.swig.org for more information.

3/7/08: The module has been incorporated into SWIG. The latest sources are available only from SWIG SVN.

2/28/08: first release; 24 tests still fail, STL support incomplete, there are unresolved multi-module issues, documentation is a bit thin.

See also:

octave-ann: Octave routines for approximate nearest neighbor computation.
octave-db: Octave bindings for postgres, mysql, sqlite3, and standard ODBC.
octave-opencv: Octave bindings for OpenCV (Open Computer Vision Library).

SWIG/Octave was written by Xavier Delacour. Please send feedback, bugs, and/or patches to one of the SWIG mailing lists, or directly to xavier dot delacour at gmail dot com.